Wednesday, January 10, 2018


StoryJumper, which can be accessed at, is a website that helps bring out the inner author in anyone. It is a free online book creator and publisher that offers clever tools for writing and illustrating stories. Parents and teachers will find it useful for sharing stories and presenting information, while students will find an encouraging means for reading and writing themselves.

Conveniently for 4th and 5th grade teachers, StoryJumper provides a sample lesson plan supported by common core standards with downloadable resources to go along. However, StoryJumper is for everyone! The interface, tools, and endless ideas make it easy to be utilized by parents, teachers, students of all grade levels, and in every school subject. Students can write narratives or reflection journals, demonstrate their understanding of a skill by teaching it through pages, introduce themselves with an all about me style, co-author by collaborating with classmates, and more! For younger kids, safety may be of concern, but all of this can be done with the highest level of information and identity protection as assured by StoryJumper.

When creating a book, users can select a template or simply start from scratch. Afterwards, they will be taken to the editor where they can explore and create away. In the editor, there are options to add text, upload photos, and insert audio recordings. StoryJumper also offers a ready set of images, props, and scenes that can be filtered through. The editor uses a drag-and-drop style with further editing options that makes it so user friendly, but for those who are interested, StoryJumper offers a how-to video to help get started. In the end, completed books can be professionally published and ordered. Although creating a book requires computer access, users are free to read StoryJumper books on any device.

All in all, StoryJumper is a great website for promoting reading and writing that is safe for children. Students can read ready-made books or get creative with one of their own through an easy and intuitive experience. All that is needed is an idea to get started.

*Contribution by Kristine Madrazo

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Book Creator

By Rose Castro and Martha Sudo

In the classroom, teachers or kids can
create individual pages that become
books. Once they're familiar with the
basic functions, it's time for kids and
teachers to start creating: fiction or
nonfiction books, how-to manuals with
video and audio instructions, photo
books, comic strips, and more. Book
Creator for iPad is an amazingly easy-touse
digital book-making tool. With
guidance, even kids in early elementary
school grades can use this technology
tool to produce and publish their own
simple books or comics with images,
videos, and audio. Readers can access
published books via iBooks or other online
sources, or books can be printed on

You can go to,
register as a teacher and start creating
books right away. As a teacher, you can
have 40 books free for your
classroom. Book Creator for Chrome is
ready to try for free! Go to

Thursday, October 27, 2016

ESSA guidance for teachers

The U.S. DOE recently offered guidelines for the newest reauthorization of the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA. This blueprint focuses on helping teachers perform better, and in turn helping their students do the same. That means every student succeeds when their teachers succeed in their endeavors, too. The Department of Education plans to handhold the states and districts through the transition from the controversial No Child Left Behind Act to the ESSA.  READ MORE 

Source:, Bambi Majumdar -

Friday, January 1, 2016

4 strategies to help ELLs in the mainstream classroom

From Sept. 11: It is possible to help a beginning English language learner improve so much in a matter of months that he or she can pass the sixth through eighth grade state standardized tests. This student can go from five to 50 percent on a school curriculum test. It's happening in my middle school classroom, and it can happen in your classrooms, too. With the right support and differentiation, ELLs will be successful in your general education or language arts classroom.  READ MORE


Friday, October 16, 2015

Technology Nights Promote Community Digital Literacy

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Technology Nights Promote
Community Digital Literacy
Colette Bennett
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Technology Nights Promote Community 
Digital Literacy
Technology activity nights promote digital literacy to
make parents aware of resources used in school as
well as resources for support.
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Topics that Prepare Parents for College 
and Career Readiness
Research shows that even at these higher grade levels,
grades 7-12, keeping parents in the loop is critical to
each student's academic success.
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Using Social Media to Engage Parents 
in Secondary Schools
Parents and teachers in grades 7-12 can make
connections by creating two-way communications
with digital tools.
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Top Communication Technologies for 
Teachers Grades 7-12
Technology to communicate information helps parents
have the necessary input in developing their children's
education/career goals in grades 7-12.
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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sites for Teachers!


This site is filled with free printables, resources, games, puzzles, awards, activities, and more!